Survival was last year, now let’s help one another spark growth.

If I were having the top management of my companies’ clients over for lunch, I bet the conversations around the table would quickly drift towards the performance of their respective businesses.  Soon after that, some of them would be cautiously probing hoping to find ways to do business together.

Being in the last quarter of 2009, this scenario would play out even faster than usual. Why is that?

I propose it is because we’ve read, heard, and come to realize that surviving the economic downturn was our mission, but not anymore. We can get back to growing our businesses, albeit with an eye to the economic indicators to make sure there are no aftershocks. It’s ok to be a bit skittish… just a bit.

So, let’s collectively wipe our brow and say “Whew, we made it!” Now, we start by surveying the damage inflicted on our company resources, employees morale, customer base. What can we expect to find? I believe we’ll find less people working for us, tighter budgets, less resources, and the overwhelming need to spark growth.

So I propose we help one another. We’ll go first! My colleagues at bytes of knowledge (where I work) and I will write blogs, articles, and hold meetings with small and medium size businesses to pool our collective knowledge on how to leverage the use of technology to save money and increase the profitability of our clients. We hope our help will spark growth, that growth will bring additional opportunities for us to help others, and by sharing our expertise we in turn grow with them.

What can you do to be a part of this?

Contribute! Find how you can help those businesses and individuals around the edges of your business and likewise help them. Tell them about what we’re doing, why we do it,  and recruit them to join this “sparking growth” movement. Before we know it, we will be making a real difference in our community and more.

There are those who think this is not feasible or too hard or too “different” and that’s OK, this post is not for them. Just know that by the time those naysayers get their heads out of the ground to realize the worst of the recession is past, we will have created momentum and will be expanding right into their customer base.

Are you ready to spark some growth? Let me read your thoughts…


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